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Beyond AC97 Audio Controller

Beyond AC97 Audio Controller is fully run-time configurable IP core, enabling nimble audio channel and slot setup, and can be optimized for specific application. Implemented to minimize audio data handling by System on Chip’s processor the controller requires only setup of AC97 DMA engine, no external device is needed for AC97 to operate afterwards.
Beyond AC97 Audio Controller is designed to enable easy control of external AC97 CODECs using multi-port AMBA AHB/APB or WISHBONE SOC interconnect. External interface supports one external AC97 revision 2.3 compliant audio CODEC with 6 output (3 of them can be Double Rate Audio) and 3 input channels.
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Audio Features
  • Fixed 48kHz audio support
  • Hardware variable sample rate support from 8kHz to 48kHz (up to 96kHz with Double Rate Audio enabled)
  • Double Rate Audio support for Left, Right and Center channels
  • 16, 18 and 20-bit sample size support
  • Mono, stereo or multichannel (1, 2, 4 or 6 channels) audio output support
  • Stereo Input and dedicated Mono microphone Input Channel support (all together 3 input channels)
  • Power management support (individual subsections or full power-down mode)
  • Full access to codec registers (tone, loudness, 3D stereo enhancement, etc.)
Supported SoC Bus Interfaces
  • AMBA AXI / AHB / APB as appropriate
  • Other buses: for additional options please contact us for further information.
Interface Features
  • Can operate as Slave only audio controller (Master doesn't need to be connected)
  • Integrated audio DMA engine using Master Interface
  • Full audio stream/channel decoding (through DMA)
  • All channels can be configured to use any stream and/or sub-stream data (including stereo channels)
Memory Features
  • System memory double-buffering supported
  • Internal memory double-buffering supported
  • Fully configurable internal memory support (size, distributed/block)
  • Configurable stream descriptor memory size


Beyond AC97 Audio Controller

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