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BeyondStudio Integrated Development Environment

BeyondStudio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) integrates the development tools for the BA2x family of processor cores into a single platform based on the Eclipse / CDT. It offers easy access to the compilation and debugging tools which are essential in modern software development.
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Eclipse "Luna" SR1 (4.1.1) based IDE, with all of its generic functionality
  • Great source code editor with syntax highlighting, customizable code style, code cross-referencing, refactoring, etc.
  • Managed build system
  • Source level debugger GUI
  • GUI based configuration
  • Plug-in extensibility, with numerous plug-ins readily available
Integrated GNU based cross compiling toolchain
  • GCC 4.9.2
  • Binutils 2.24
  • GDB 7.8,1
  • Newlib C library 2.1.0
Instruction set simulator (basim)
  • Cycle accurate for BA22-DE with QMEM tightly coupled memories supporting instruction level profiling
  • Customizable BA2x processor configuration
Template projects
  • Exception handling template
  • Dhrystone
  • FreeRTOS template project
Custom tools and plug-in components allowing for easy deployment of binary to simulator or hardware targets
Custom views (profile, cycle counts, embedded registers)
BeyondStudio is available for 32 and 64-bit editions of recent Linux distributions and Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Integrated toolchain can also be used directly from command line.

1. Step: Configure your project
Choose to start from one of provided templates, including:
  • Hello UART C project
  • Exception handling C project
  • ROM/RAM project sample
  • Dhrystone benchmark sample
  • FreeRTOS…
… and get going with just a few mouse clicks.
Create new project from scratch and get full control over:
  • C/C++ Build settings
  • BA2x specific compiler, linker and assembler options
  • BA2x processor configuration (little/big endian, number of GPRs, FPU, …)
… or revert to using Makefiles, if you prefer.
2. Step: Source code editing

Edit project in BeyondStudioEdit your source code with BeyondStudio source code editor with advanced features like:
  • Effortless navigation through your code (hyper-linked code, search references, etc.)
  • Code refactoring
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Customizable code formatting
Register View makes it easier to write your code.
Register View
3. Step: Register View
While writing or debugging your code, register viewer allows you to 
  • Observe and modify values of SPR registers
  • Observe and modify peripheral registers
  • View documentation of register bits
Registers are described by user-extendable system description files allowing you add your peripherals Register View.
4. Step: Build your project
Configure your project through GUI (or Makefiles if you prefer).
Build your project with a mouse click.
5. Step: Running your code
Connect Beyond Debug Key to your board and benefit with
  • Single debug device for JTAG access and UART console
  • Support for target board IO voltages ranging from 1.2 V to 5V
  • Transfer rates in excess of 600 kB/s
Seamlessly switch between launching your code in simulator or board
  • Automatically start and connect console
  • Effortlessly recompile and upload code to target device
  • Start and stop your code with a single click
6. Step: Debug your code
 Debug your code
Everybody writes bug free code, but sometimes it takes a bit of time to get there. BeyondStudio helps you get to working code faster using its graphical user interface:
  • Set, clear software and hardware breakpoints and watchpoints
  • Step over assembly instructions, code lines,…
  • Call stack view and inspection
  • Variables display
  • Expressions display
  • Disassembly view
  • Memory view
Register View makes it even easier to debug your code.


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