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ChipX Introduces Beyond BA22, Synthesizable 32-Bit CPU With Best-in-Class Code Density for Embedded and Consumer Applications

Fully integrated platforms with peripherals simplify integration in ChipX mixed-signal ASICs.
Santa Clara – June 2, 2008 – ChipX, Inc, a mixed-signal ASIC company providing the industry's broadest offering of low-risk solutions, today announced the addition of the BA22, a 32-bit synthesizable processor with the highest code density available, to its extensive line-up of mixed-signal and synthesizable IP.
The BA architecture was designed with emphasis on performance, ease of use, power efficiency and scalability. The industry leading code density of the configurable BA22 processor results in fewer instructions per program. This lowers power demands and reduces memory requirements, and thus cost, of the system.

“The BA22 enables engineers to develop and validate their application cost effectively in a FPGA and easily port it to an ASIC of their choice”, said Wouter Suverkropp, Director of Marketing for ChipX. “The BA22 offers better code density, performance and power consumption than other processors in its class and comes pre-integrated with a variety of peripherals for best value and fast implementation.”

A code density evaluation, involving compilation of standard GCC Code-Size Benchmark Environment (CsiBE) code, was performed to compare the BA22 with equivalent performance Thumb and Thumb2, ARM, MIPS and PowerPC processors. The BA22 achieved code size that was nine to 70 percent smaller, which translates to significantly lower memory requirements and cost for a system chip.
The BA22 is offered by ChipX in collaboration with Beyond Semiconductor, a privately held semiconductor IP company. Beyond Semiconductor’s processors have been implemented in silicon by Fortune 500 companies, and have shipped millions of units.

Technical Detailes
Speeds of up to 300MHz in 130nm are achievable depending on configuration. With 1.36DMIP/MHz and configurable DSP extensions, processing performance is suitable for most consumer product and embedded tasks. Where required, an optional single or
double precision Floating Point Unit (FPU) can be added.

In addition to efficient code execution, the BA22 includes a variety of power gating technologies to further dynamically control power. For example, 180nm customer silicon shows power consumption of 0.167mW/MHz for the processor without any optimization, with reduction to 0.1mW/MHz possible through gating. Sleep features can reduce power
consumption by a factor of two.

To reduce integration effort and risk, the BA22 is available as a platform with an extensive peripheral set, including a DDR2 controller, Ethernet 10/100/1000MAC, Debug Unit, UART, VGA controller, AC97 Audio, and other IP. Interfacing to additional peripherals is easy using the AMBA/AHB bus, or Wishbone bus.

Software development tools include the GNU compiler suite; no additional tools are required for software compilation. The BA22 can run Linux, as well as real time operating systems such as eCos.

The BA22 can be evaluated in a FPGA platform today, available from ChipX for $1499. Unlike most other CPU IP, full RTL is made available, so prototypes can be built in a FPGA and then migrated to silicon.
About ChipX

ChipX, Inc. is a Mixed-Signal ASIC company with the broadest offering of value-added ASIC solutions, including Standard Cell, Structured ASIC, Embedded Array and Hybrid ASIC technology. ChipX has unique expertise in PCI Express, USB 2.0, DDR/DDR2 and data conversion mixed-signal cores; all are silicon proven and certified and they can be integrated in customers’ ASICs with a record first-time to market success. ChipX products
are widely used in consumer equipment, computing peripherals, communication systems, instrumentation and industrial control, medical equipment and military/aerospace systems. Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, ChipX is a privately held corporation, with a Research
and Development subsidiary in Israel. Investors include Elron Electronic Industries, Ltd. (NASDQ: ELRN), VantagePoint Venture Partners, Wasserstein Venture Capital, UMC and Needham Capital Partners.

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