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Beyond Semiconductor Announces New Licensing Agreement with e3C Inc.

Ljubljana, SI - June 25, 2007 – Beyond Semiconductor, a semiconductor IP company supplying embedded processor IP technology for digital consumer, networking, personal entertainment, communications and industrial applications announced a license agreement with e3C Inc. for Beyond BA12 Processor Core, Beyond AC97 Audio Controller, Beyond VGA Display Controller and Beyond UART 16550 Serial Controller. The licensing of this Beyond Semiconductor technology will enable e3C Inc. to expand its consumer electronics product lines and deliver the most cost competitive products to the market.
Many custom designs require 32 bit processing power in order to run real time operating systems, process data or modify data on the fly. Although there are a number of 32 bit processor solutions available, these are often burdened with inflexible architectures or unfavorable licensing agreements. With Beyond Semiconductor, designers can have access to the processor RTL for silicon validation in a FPGA and software development well in advance of the ASIC design. This approach reduces risk, eliminates porting efforts from one processor architecture to another and speeds time to market.

The Beyond line of products consists of 32 bit processor cores that can be configured to include a Memory Management Unit (MMU), an Instruction and Data Cache, a Power Management Unit, Timer and a Debug Unit. Advanced debug unit enables software developers to debug their software both in ROM and RAM, giving them total control of the processor and its peripherals. Customers can license one of the predefined platforms that include one of Beyond Semiconductor processors and selection of peripherals cores. These platforms are supported by Linux and eCos operating systems.

Performance of Beyond Semiconductor processors is comparable to ARM9™ processors. Complete GNU tools’ support allows for complex software applications and eases software porting.

‘We are glad that e3C Inc has licensed our technology for use in their consumer electronics applications. This shows that our technology is a good match for the consumer entertainment market.’ said Damjan Lampret, VP Strategic Alliances at Beyond Semiconductor.

‘With Beyond Semiconductor embedded processor IP technology, we can expand our consumer electronics product lines and gain more market shares in this area’ said Dr. SJ Lee, President of e3C Inc.

ARM9™ is a registered trademark of ARM Holdings PLC.


About Beyond Semiconductor
Beyond Semiconductor is a privately held fabless semiconductor IP company supplying embedded processor IP technology for digital consumer, networking, personal entertainment, communications and industrial applications.

Beyond Semiconductor's comprehensive product offering includes 32-bit embedded RISC/DSP processors, software development tools, peripheral cores and complete reference platforms that enable Licensees to quickly start with product development.
Beyond Semiconductor is expanding its partner network by collaborating with leading EDA and software vendors to enable the widest possible choice of development flows, easiest integration, and fastest time-to-market for its Licensees.

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About e3C Inc.

e3C is a fabless IC company that provides digital TV solutions for the PC market. e3C creates advanced technology that allows consumers to access digital TV in a wide variety of real world application, including PCs, home entertainment centers, smart phones, and car TVs. Its solutions cover both free-to-air signals and cable signals, and support major standards such as DVB. e3C specializes in providing comprehensive, ready-to-manufacture solutions at low cost.

For more information about e3C Inc. products and services, please visit e3C Inc. website.

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