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New 32-bit BA25 Application Processor Adds More Performance to Royalty-Free BA2x Family

Santa Clara, CA, USA — January 29, 2013 — Beyond Semiconductor, innovative embedded processor IP company, unveiled today a new more powerful member of BA2x Family of 32-bit processor IP cores.
The BA25 Advanced Application Processor (BA25) fulfills the requirements of demanding embedded applications: it operates at high clock frequencies (more than 800 MHz and 1360 DMIPs in 65 nm LP), yet maintains smaller silicon footprint than the most competing application processors.
Already silicon proven BA25 supports out-of-order completion and advanced branch prediction. Its seven-stage pipelined architecture and optional two-level caches and memory management functions make it suitable for use as the main processor for systems running general-purpose operating systems like Linux or Android.
»Ever expanding feature requrements are driving ASIC architects to use powerful application processors to reach performance and cost targets of next generation products«, said Matjaz Breskvar, CEO of Beyond Semiconductor. »The BA25 is - at never before seen cost/performance point - unlocking the potential for designers to tap into vast software ecosystem of Linux and Android operating systems, reducing software development costs while providing richer experience to end users.«
The BA25 Advanced Application Processor Core joins the silicon proven BA22TM processor core, which is targeted at embedded systems and basic application processors. You are welcome to request a demo in Silicon Valley or learn more about BA2xTM family processors cores by contacting Beyond Semiconductor representatives.
The Beyond BA25 Key Features:
  • Highest performance / mm2 among Gigahertz Application Processors
  • Independent functional units with out-of-order completion
  • Highest code density among Application Processors
  • Affordable silicon and license cost enables use of Application Processors and feature-rich products where not possible before
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Beyond Semiconductor is a privately held fabless semiconductor IP company. Its comprehensive product offering features 32-bit embedded RISC/DSP processors with the highest code density in the industry. Learn more by visiting Beyond Semiconductor website or emailing


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