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Product Focus

The Beyond BA25 Advanced Application Processor
The Beyond BA25™ Advanced Application Processor, new more powerful member of BA2x Family of 32-bit processor IP cores, is designed to fulfill the requirements of demanding embedded applications and is suitable for use as the main processor for systems running general-purpose operating systems like Linux or Android.
BA25 key features:
  • 1.7 DMIPS/MHz, 800 MHz on 65 nm LP process;
  • Independent functional units with out-of-order completion;
  • Highest code density among Application Processors;
  • Affordable silicon and license cost enables use of Application Processors and feature rich products where not possible before.

About Beyond Semiconductor

Beyond Semiconductor is a privately held fabless semiconductor company supplying embedded processor IP and peripheral IP for the Digital Consumer, Networking, Communications, and Industrial markets.
Our comprehensive product offering includes 32-bit embedded RISC/DSP processors , software development tools, peripheral cores and complete reference platforms .
Licensees include STMicroelectronics, Ericsson, Omnivision and other tier 1 manufacturers.

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